Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to Decide Strict Liability under Consumer Protection Law by Frederick S. Wolfson and Andrew J. Race, Esquires

Pennsylvania has enacted the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (“UTPCPL”), which is designed to protect consumers from fraudulent or deceptive business practices. Recently, The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has decided to hear argument on the “catch-all provision” and the standard of proof required to make a claim. The catch-all provision prohibits any “fraudulentRead more

Pitfalls of Probating an Estate by Michelle R. Calvert, Esquire

For the average non-lawyer, probating a loved one’s estate on your own is like piloting a ship through a sea of icebergs – you usually can’t see the danger that lies ahead until you’ve hit it.  That’s because there are a multitude of statutes, regulations and requirements involved with the administration of a decedent’s estate. Read more

Estate Administration Tips

FOR THE CLIENT: It is important to place your original Will in a safe place and make certain that your Executor or close family member knows its exact location. It is helpful to keep a list of your assets and debts, including information on any life insurance policies, retirement benefits and investment accounts, with yourRead more

Tim Sheffey Day

In honor of Attorney Tim Sheffey’s work with Lebanon County’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board, September 5 was proclaimed “Tim Sheffey Day” through a formal resolution from the county commissioners on Thursday. Sheffey has been a member of the land preservation board since its inception in 1991. During this time, more than 19,000 acres of primeRead more