Making a will isn’t the most pleasant of tasks, and consequently, too few people do it.  They just never get around to it, or don’t want to think about death.  Having a will is important for every person, regardless of how much money they have.  It provides some peace and certainty about how things willRead more

Melissa J. Noyes, President of Fort Zeller Elementary School PTO

Attorney Melissa J. Noyes has been elected to serve as the President of the Fort Zeller Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization in Richland for the 2017-2018 school year.  Melissa joined the firm in January, 2017 and maintains a general practice of law emphasizing employment law, general litigation and liquor law and licensing matters.

New Driving Option For Those With DUI Conviction by Corey M. Lamoureux

Individuals charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Controlled Substance, or those currently serving a license suspension after pleading guilty to Driving Under the Influence, may now be entitled to continue to drive following the installation of an ignition interlock system in their car. The new law, entitled “Act 33 of 2016,”Read more

New Child Support Guidelines by Colleen S. Gallo

Every four years, the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines are reviewed to reflect fluctuations in the economy and are adjusted based on cost of living changes. On May 1, 2017, new Support Guidelines became effective providing generally moderate increases to most income levels. This could reflect in an increase in the amount of child support paid.Read more

The Importance Of Joint Titling In Estate Law by Timothy D. Sheffey

Typically, spouses jointly own major assets such as bank accounts, their home, and their vehicles. However, when that is not the case and one spouse owns an asset in his or her name only, this difference in titling results in increased processing time and expense when assets are disbursed following the death of the titledRead more