Recent Amendments to the Pennsylvania Liquor Code

Recent amendments to the Pennsylvania Liquor Code and associated Regulations may impact the activities of Pennsylvania liquor licensees and will affect the availability of certain alcoholic beverages to consumers. In order to keep pace with consumer demand and the development of new products, these regulations create new categories of alcoholic beverages and regulate where andRead more

The Surprise of Inheritance Tax by Loren A. Schrum, Esquire

Many people are surprised to learn that Pennsylvania imposes an inheritance tax upon assets owned by a deceased person at the time of their death.  This applies to assets titled solely in the name of the deceased person (real estate, automobiles, bank accounts, investments) as well as assets owned jointly with another person.  People areRead more

So, You Can Keep Your Driver’s License? by Andrew J. Race, Esquire

The short answer is it depends. Since 1991, Pennsylvania has had a law providing for a mandatory suspension of a person’s driver’s license for convictions such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, carrying false ID, underage purchase of tobacco, underage purchase, consumption, possession or transportation of alcohol, or even truancy. Each offense carriedRead more

Tax Free Exchanges by Paul A. Lundberg, Esquire

If you are in the process of selling a commercial or investment property, there is a good chance that someone involved in the transaction will mention the possibility of using a “1031 exchange.”   People sometimes call it a “like-kind exchange” or a “deferred exchange” or a “swap.”   These are just different names for the sameRead more