Reilly Wolfson Expands Estate Administration Practice

Reilly Wolfson recently announced the expansion of its Estate Administration practice with the addition of two assistants; Patricia Baylor and Lori Wert. Since 1940, Reilly Wolfson has represented executors, administrators and personal representatives, both locally and from out of state, in probate matters involving the administration of decedents’ estates. “The additional support that Lori and PattiRead more

Will Your Wishes Be Followed After You Die? by Paul A. Lundberg, Esquire

You met with a lawyer a number of times to have a fairly complicated will prepared that includes carefully tailored provisions creating trusts for your children and grandchildren.  Your will indicates who will serve as the initial trustee and who will serve as the successor trustee if the person you chose cannot continue to serve. Read more

Expanded Rights for Grandparents by Corey M. Lamoureux, Esquire

On May 4, 2018, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 21 expanding custodial rights of children for grandparents and other third parties. Act 21 became effective on July 3, 2018. This expansion of custodial rights now allows for grandparents, and other parties aside from the parents of minor children, to file for any form of legalRead more