Our labor and employment attorneys represent management, labor, and individual employees concerning employment laws and workplace issues in the private and public sectors. We counsel our business clients to maximize knowledge to minimize the risk of liability in the following areas:

  • Recruiting, hiring, promotion, and reduction in force;
  • Wage and hour, employee classification, and overtime;
  • Family and Medical Leave Act;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • Civil Rights Act;
  • Workplace policies;
  • Discipline and discharge; and
  • Workplace injuries.

Many of our business clients reply on our advice to develop and administer personnel policies. We counsel clients to apply practices that are established to prevent liability risks. We provide direction to businesses as they investigate claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. We are involved in the development, negotiation, and enforcement of employment contracts and non-compete agreements. We represent both employers and employees related to workplace injuries and accidents.

For businesses with an organized workforce, we assist with the following:

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Grievances;
  • Unfair labor practices; and
  • Arbitration.

Our attorneys represent employees on many important issues, such as family medical leave, discrimination, retaliation, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, wage and hour disputes, non-compete agreements, and review and negotiation of severance packages.

Workers Compensation

Our attorneys understand the difficulties associated with an injury that prevents an individual from working for a long period of time.  Although Pennsylvania workers compensation laws exist to help injured workers and to avoid lawsuits, it is important to have the assistance of a qualified attorney who understands how the system works including key filing deadlines, knows what an employee can recover and has experience appearing before workers compensation judges.  Such advocacy helps to ensure an injured worker’s rights are protected throughout the entire process and that the maximum amount of compensation is received.

Social Security Disability

When an individual is unable to work due to a disability, legal representation can increase the likelihood of being approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  State and federal programs provide income and medical care to workers who are disabled due to medical or psychological conditions that prevent them from functioning on a job for more than a year.  The requirements for a disability determination under these programs are very specific and highly complex and the application process can be overwhelming.  If an individual is unaware or misinformed, it could jeopardize approval to receive benefits.  Our experienced Social Security Disability (SSD) attorneys assist individuals with building a strong case in order to get the income and medical care they deserve.

 Our attorneys practice before administrative agencies, including the Equal Opportunity Commission, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, Workers Compensation Office of Adjudication, Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, and State Civil Service Commission. We have experience practicing in the state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania.

Our extensive knowledge in this area allows us to provide effective and efficient service to businesses and employees. For additional information, contact an employment law attorney at Reilly Wolfson.

Our Employment Law Attorneys: Timothy D. SheffeyAndrew J. Race and Michael C. Padasak