When a business is facing the difficult decision of whether to initiate collection proceedings against a customer who has failed to pay a bill after delivery of a product, or failed to pay for a service provided, a Reilly Wolfson attorney can help. We assist existing and new clients in the collection of debts.  Our experienced attorneys handle collection work on multiple types of accounts, including real estate foreclosures, and for a variety of different types of businesses.

In the past, many businesses have chosen to try to collect debts themselves or have written them off as lost revenue. Today, more businesses must utilize the collections process because they need to maximize their collection rate. While ensuring compliance with collection laws, we can help with a more comprehensive investigation to recover funds that are owed.

From sending out the initial demand letter, to engaging in litigation, we help all types of entities, such as health care providers and other consumer and business clients.  Our attorneys assert and protect our client’s creditors’ rights. We also include these services when helping businesses form and operate.

For assistance with collecting a debt or preserving other creditors’ rights, contact an experienced Reilly Wolfson attorney.

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