Reilly Wolfson provides comprehensive services for individuals and families concerned about estate planning, medical assistance planning including Medicare or Medicaid, asset preservation, and other problems faced by seniors.  

Senior Care

We provide dependable assistance to address the planning and expense involved with residential or in-home care, both before and after the exhaustion of assets, insurance and/or Medicare benefits.  Our lawyers can also help resolve issues related to the care and treatment of loved ones in assisted living, long-term care or other licensed facilities.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our elder law attorneys can assist with wills, living wills and powers of attorney for you and your loved ones if these important instruments are not already in place. Advance planning with these documents can help avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming guardianship proceedings in the event of incapacity for those requiring assistance the management of medical treatment, finances, or the basic demands of daily living.  We can also counsel those persons appointed as agents as they make important financial and medical decisions according to pre-determined criteria. 


If you or someone in your family is facing the possibility of guardianship proceedings, we can advise you as to what is involved in obtaining the appointment of a guardian for someone who can no longer look after themselves or their own affairs. Guardianship cases are often difficult to navigate, can divide families, and generate significant administrative and accounting obligations and expenses, and we providing caring assistance with all of these concerns.  We also assist appointed guardians in fulfilling their regular reporting obligations. 

To learn more about the scope of our services for older clients, contact a Reilly Wolfson elder law attorney.

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