Our knowledgeable attorneys provide  comprehensive client services for a broad range of estate planning needs, from simple and complex wills, powers of attorney and living wills to sophisticated estate planning and trust instruments.  

Wills and Trusts

For high net worth individuals and families, for whom estate tax planning and charitable endowments represent matters of serious consideration, Reilly Wolfson offers custom wills and trust documents with attributes and terms tailored to individual objectives and needs. These include:

  • Living and life insurance trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Installment sales of family farm or business property

Our attorneys can assist with living wills and powers of attorney, and we can counsel these trusted persons as they make important financial and medical decisions.  Powers of attorney can also avoid the need for guardianship proceedings if during a period of incapacity it becomes clear that help with the management of medical treatment, finances, or the basic demands of daily living is necessary.

Tax Matters

In complex estate planning situations, Reilly Wolfson’s extensive experience and close attention to tax considerations can also help avoid problems and preserve the value of the estate. 

Whether estate planning needs are focused on basic matters such as the execution of wills, powers of attorney, living wills and trusts, or on more complex concerns such as family business succession planning, keeping productive agricultural land in the family, or minimizing the estate’s exposure to  taxes or probate disputes, our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys can help define and achieve desired goals. For more information, contact one of our experienced wills and trusts lawyers.

Estate Administration

Estate administration has been a hallmark of our practice since 1940. Our experience with all aspects of probate will ensure the prompt administration of an estate of any complexity. 

We represent executors, administrators and personal representatives, both locally and from out of state, in probate matters involving the administration of decedents’ estates. Our experienced attorneys handle any challenges that may complicate probate proceedings including the administration of intestate estates where statutory heirs are hard to find, defective pre-death transfers of assets, missing wills or trust instruments, or disputes between family members.

For out of state executors and administrators, we can usually administer the estate effectively without the need for these individuals to come to Pennsylvania.  Our law firm represents either the estate or an heir in will contests, challenges to the testamentary capacity of the decedent or other probate litigation.

To learn more about the extent and nature of our long experience with Pennsylvania probate and estate administration procedures, contact one of our attorneys.

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