Our lawyers and staff understand the legal and procedural aspects of family law problems, and can also help with the personal, emotional, and financial implications as well. We work with clients to determine their objectives based on a complete understanding of their legal rights and obligations with respect to child custody, support, alimony, property division issues, adoption and dependency actions. In divorces involving family businesses, investment properties, or extensive pension or retirement benefits, we make sure that accurate asset values are used as a point of departure for the resolution of complex property distribution problems.

Our clients benefit from the breadth of experience our attorneys have across a broad range of related practice areas.  Our familiarity with real estate law, taxation, business organizations, and estate planning can help maximize the value of the property to be divided between divorcing spouses while avoiding unforeseen complications and liability. In contested family law matters, we have experience with litigation and the proof of disputed facts.

In addition to divorce matters, we also assist family law clients with:

  • The modification or enforcement of spousal support, child support, or child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Agency, international, and stepparent adoptions
  • Dependence actions and other matters involving Children and Youth Services

To learn more about our family law practice, contact one of our attorneys. 

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