Pennsylvania recently enacted a new policy protecting confidential information and documents that are filed with all courts within the Commonwealth. The new policy took effect on January 8, 2018. All documents now filed with District Magistrates, Court of Common Pleas, Commonwealth Court, Superior Court, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court must be accompanied with specific forms that are used to protect sensitive information.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has determined that the following are confidential: Social Security Numbers, Financial Account Numbers, State Identification Numbers, the names and dates of birth of minor children, and abused victim’s address and contact information in family court actions. Also, the Supreme Court has determined the following documents are confidential: financial source documents, minors’ educational records, medical/psychological records, Children and Youth Service records, marital property inventory and pre-trial statements, income and expense statements, and agreements reached in divorce actions.

If an individual violates the new policy by filing confidential information or documents with the court, they could face sanctions including costs necessary to prepare a compliant document for filing in accordance with applicable authority.

Contact one of the attorneys at Reilly Wolfson to ensure that you are in compliance with the new policy regarding the filing of confidential information and documents.

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